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From authors to one-person businesses or retail shops, and from online stores to service businesses, your marketing and publishing requirements will be similar. You want to be seen and trusted.

Your Brand

We help define and develop your brand, leading to an agreed project plan to build brand awareness — local, regional, national and international as required.

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From an eBook for your product or service, to a series of Blog posts, to a full editing, design and publishing service for Authors, we work with you to create optimum results.

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Competitor analysis and SEO define site design requirements for maximum impact and optimum connectivity — across all your chosen business sectors or publishing genres.

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All communications mediums have failings, form Newspapers and Television to Social Media platforms. But social media is here to stay and you need to be there too.

We Do The Research For You

Competitor and Location Research …

Social Media review and implementations based on agreed project plan.

Blog requirements evaluation.

Monthly updates, improvements and enhancements for website and agreed social media platforms, based on results and analytics.

Discuss > Brainstorm > Design > Review

Bringing your projects to life …

Marketing and Design services require clear goals. We set those goals together. We achieve the best results together.

Four recent book projects included a full suite of our services:

developmental editing

book design

typography design

pre-production and artwork creation

printing specification and sourcing

final proofs and print production coordination

In my experience, the world is a living wonder, overloaded with magnificent choices to discover, explore and adventure in. It is a happy place where living can be mostly a continual joy. 

With virtually no spare cash my dreams nonetheless demanded expression … and freedom to sail over the horizon to a life of ocean adventure and challenge.

Lindsay Peart


I remembered CK. Stead’s sonnets in Walking Westward. I loved them, but as with the Jerusalem sonnets, their freedom worried me. I didn’t know how to proceed along those lines.

I was amazed too by what looked like an upside down sonnet by M. K. Joseph. So in the end I went with the dictionary definition.

Kit Frost


Lindsay’s book is a wonderful and photo-illustrated memoir spanning the past 90 years, including wartime postings in Pacific islands, family life and work in Australia and New Zealand, the extensive travels in Europe and Asia, and many years of Pacific sailing adventures with a bevy of companions.

Kit decided to make a sequence of sonnets celebrating his ex-workmates and the history of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. As a rigger he collected 1200 slides from twenty years working on the bridge. An intriguing personal history. The photos are held in Collections at the Auckland Museum.

Book One available now

Sailing Adventures in the Pacific Ocean



Book Two available now

Buddha and a Boat by Dyana Wells


Book Three available now


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