Lioness and her children gained lots of life learning in magnificent mountains and tide-swept lagoons, from peaks in New Zealand and China to islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and the occasional jaunt to towns and temples in India and Thailand. You can start reading Alice’s adventures in the Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy on Dyana’s website,

Skippy hopped from country to country, here an editor in the southern hemisphere, there a publisher in the north, a project manager on one continent, a creative director on another. Years in airports and hotels were an introduction to novels and novel-writing. You will soon be able to read book one of Ella’s adventures in the Women Out of Time trilogy, starting with Red Diamond.

The whisper of Buddhism grew louder for Sky Dancer over the years, with holidays and retreats in Australia and Thailand, New Zealand and Canada. Modern life and ancient teachings come together in Sky Dancer’s books, The Yoga of Sailing, Buddha and a Boat, and My True Names.

Thorgeat has lived in some cultures by choice – from rock music to goth immersion – and in others by design that may not have been evident at the time. The Blog pages and may delight and surprise.



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