wordpress-strip-200pxIt’s no longer “what to wear?”. It’s now “which logo to use” and on “which Social Media” site.

And, of course, there’s the question of which WordPress theme to use. Dark and moody? Flat and modern? How about, even, easy to read.

Which is what we’ve done! And, just to be one step ahead of where we need to be right now, it’s an eStore theme, ready and waiting for the books to reach ePub status. Or is that iBook status? And, anyway, is a Kindle book an ePub or an eBook or just a Kindle?

And does the 80/20 rule work? The author’s golden rule: 80% writing and 20% marketing.

We know the answer to that one! No, that rule doesn’t work. For either percentage. Our desire is for 99% writing and 1% marketing. But then we start talking and thinking about Book Launches and even Book Tours! So suddenly the ratio may become 50% writing and 50% marketing.

Stay tuned to find out what actually works for us!

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