Fiery Scribes enjoy being writers and also thrive on solid editing work. Alongside writing our own novels, we provide the following services.


Book Editing Services at Fiery ScribesDevelopmental Editing (also known as Substantive, Structural or Comprehensive Editing)

Developmental Editing is concerned with both the art and craft of storytelling. It is a strategic analysis – the ‘what’ of the book.

Focus is on plot development, character motivation, location authenticity, overall theme and, of course, the pace and tension(s) throughout the book (or series of books).

The writing is examined at document level and at paragraph, sentence and word level. The analysis and subsequent discussion with the author(s) usually leads to pruning, re-writing, rearranging and, quite frequently, the writing of new material.

In short, the editor considers a book’s concept and intended readership, and therefore the organisation and even design and style.

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Line Editing Services at Fiery ScribesLine Editing (sometimes known as Substantive Editing) is concerned with the craft of writing, the prose. It is a tactical analysis – the ‘how’ of the book.

Focus is on voice, style, readability and forward movement. The use of language, whether traditional or experimental, is examined, from paragraph structure and sentence flow, through to word choice and scene development. Story arcs will be mapped and plot holes uncovered.

Developmental Editing and Line Editing are not rule-based. The author and editor need to agree their terms of engagement.

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Copy Editing Services at Fiery ScribesCopy Editing is primarily concerned with rules, from grammar, spelling and punctuation through to internal consistency and fact checking. May include localisation and layout mechanics.

Copy Editing occurs when the rest of the manuscript is complete.

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Project Editing

Co-ordinating and editing a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, incorporating input from authors, consultants and reviewers. May include budgeting, hiring, design supervision and project co-ordination.

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Reviews final layout for mistakes, both those that previously existed and those that may have occurred during the layout process.

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