Introducing Dyana

“I’ve lived most of my life around the sea, as a child on my grandfather’s boat around Raglan harbour, right up to this year’s cruising around the Hauraki Gulf with my younger sister, a master mariner.

And in between there’s been sailing, swimming, snorkelling and seafood extravaganzas across the Pacific Ocean a number of times, visiting many tropical islands.”

Read more about Dyana on her Bio page here.

Dyana’s many life experiences on the Pacific Ocean, in mountains of New Zealand, and trekking islands and continents are detailed in the Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy, beginning with book 1: The Yoga of Sailing.

red-diamond-v2-300pxIntroducing Brian

“Benefitting from astonishing openings in the time/space continuum, I have managed to travel the world and live in many countries. A planned career path, you ask? Not even close. From musician to journalist to editor to publisher took me from New Zealand to Europe, from my own businesses to working for some of the largest media companies on planet Earth.”

Read more about Brian on his Bio page here.

A few of the cities Brian has lived in and visited appear as backgrounds to the thrills in the Women Out of Time trilogy, which includes the novel Red Diamond.

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