Map of sailing from New Zealand to FijiThe Yoga of Sailing, the first book in the trilogy Anchors in an Open Sea, has a backdrop of sailing across the Pacific ocean, in this case from New Zealand to Fiji.

The trilogy is a spiritual autobiography, presented in novel form, and follows a family’s love of sailing as it intersects with life’s many challenges.

This is also a story of three generations of one family, spanning thirty years, and focussed particularly on Alice, her father Roger, and Alice’s three children. Along the  way we meet Alice’s mother and the growing gaggle of grandchildren. Oh, of course, there’s also the major turmoil as a new man entices Alice to, literally, go sailing with him!

The beauty of nature and her learnings in Tibetan Buddhism provide Alice with some stability and confidence. Both are strenuously tested to the core as her relationships develop and clash.

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