clubbing security cameraTammi was starting to see her career as a dancer, and a gang leader, flushing down the toilet. She turned to the club manager, knowing his name from the previous times she’d danced at his clubs with her crew.

“Please Mr Fabian, we’ll never do it again, ever!”

“It’s too late. Unfortunately you decided to go too far.”

Pablo Fabian turned and asked for the other girls to the information desk. “Get their names and addresses logged. They’re banned for 6 months.”

Tammi knew she was now mud with her ‘posse’. She’d been the brains of the dance-club project and expected to beg, borrow or steal something really special to show Axel just how grown up she was. She’d glimpsed a chance to escape the bouncers earlier, but decided to hang tough. She thought she could talk her way out of big trouble, and improve her rank as a leader. The mistakes now felt like huge mountains to climb.

“What was your surname, again?” asked Fabian, picking up the phone.

Tammi realised she couldn’t use the fake name she’d given earlier. Once the police arrived, they’d find out soon enough. “Kooper.”

“Hi Renato, we’ve got another one. Do you want to come over?”

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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