noir thriller novelBeing the first to win a million dollars was a special achievement for Jessica, especially beating her best friend Bridget to the goal. Knowing they were guaranteed at least that sum was irrelevant. Jessica could step up when it really mattered, but even she was surprised when ‘Randy René’ fell at the last lap.

Lew was incensed. He’d missed Jessica on his radar, somehow never noticing her rise on the model circuit, and realised she was now totally out of his reach. His obsessions may have cost him any chance of the top league.

The exclusive audience of 1.2 million was very happy. They’d paid for a fantastic show and the second season was delivering in the first few rounds.

With a tall and athletic build from her mother’s side, Jessica had usually matched and sometimes beaten Bridget on the track or swimming, even riding. She was already making great progress on the model circuit when Bridget followed her lead 10 months later. That she’d encouraged and even paved the way for Bridge was fine. The problem was Bridget’s apparent ‘natural’ talent to excel in even the most extreme tests.

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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