Cover for The Yoga of Sailing, an autobiographical novel by Dyana Wells, in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy.The Yoga of Sailing is the first autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy by Dyana Wells. Each book is packed full of sailing adventures and romance, while never far from the search for meaning and love.

Dyana has been an avid explorer all her life, both inner and outer worlds, while roaming mountain tops, tussock country, forests hung heavy with snow, and wilderlands with vast river valleys rolling and snaking through boulders.

But the ocean has always had the strongest call and Dyana has sailed the craggy and treacherous coastlines of New Zealand, and journeyed on the wings of sail over the tumultuous Pacific Ocean to many islands of adventure.

Experience through Alice’s eyes the delight of sailing offshore from New Zealand to Fiji with its dangerous and fragile coral reefs, and the family crew tumbling from exhilaration to exhaustion!

“Life presented itself in full, in the immediate physicality of sailing through the huge seas. We were tired and ill and yet needed to man the night watch despite any frailty.” — Alice’s Journal

The Yoga of Sailing brings alive the land and ocean, as Alice explores life in the Pacific islands – sailing, cycling and backpacking – to find her answers.

From mystical experiences to onboard romance, and against a backdrop of family relationships, Alice navigates a life of rich contrasts and at times tumultuous passion and confusion.

“An intimate look at three generations in one family through the eyes of a mother and daughter.” — from the After The Novel blog.

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