granada-sunshades-panel-200pxSome would probably say Grant’s first million Euros was good fortune rather than good work. True, he did win the bulk of it through a lottery, but Grant had created his own pattern-recognition system. After a few minor wins while he adjusted his process, he won €2,000 and decided to go for broke.

With €10K left from a previous jewellery job, Grant used a combination of personal and online tickets to cover the 21 numbers in all the combinations he needed. In total he bought 10,752 tickets and won a share of the main monthly prize plus a couple of hundred smaller prizes. He decided it was definitely the most rewarding few week’s work he’d done, the bonus being all the cycling to the lottery outlets in Granada. Italian women were – still – some of the most stylish in the world, not afraid to show wealth or cleavage, and often both.

The next stage of Grant’s long-range plan required a return to the UK, this time as himself rather than Tor. The recession had significantly increased the number of likely employees for his web business, and England in particular had the rough and ready mentality he required. The teenage ‘up for it’ attitude had festered and grown bolder, and given the English a bad name throughput the rest of Europe in all the holiday spots they plundered. So while the lager louts were of no great use to Grant, the ‘ladettes’ were perfect.

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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