fashion-show-panel-200pxSuccess or not, Jessica was still thinking about the conversations as she drove home an hour later. How did Stefan know what she was like? And why did Karen think she would be okay with all that was said? She was 18 but they seemed to think she was still 15 in her understanding of life. That she still had mommy looking over her shoulder. Which was true, in a way. But Jessica had thought the caution was necessary. That there did need to be a special boy – a special event that would hold them together for a long time.

Jessica thought she understood what Karen was talking about. Whether she’d known how to seduce the guy, or even be properly seduced? The problem was TV soaps made it all seem so easy now, with the girls so clear and determined about what they required from a guy. And the guys appeared to have some strong ideas too. But her experiences were before shows like GG and did seem immature, now that she looked back with Karen’s words in her mind.

She phoned Bridget and they agreed to meet up later. When they did, Jessica was in for another surprise or two.

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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