Book 1 – The Yoga of Sailing

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The Yoga of Sailing is the first autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy by Dyana Wells.

Join the four crew on their first serious voyage through gale-force winds and treacherous reefs, on a 35ft ketch.

An intimate look at three generations of one family through the eyes of a mother and daughter.

The Yoga of Sailing brings alive the land and ocean. From mystical experiences to onboard romance, Alice navigates a life of rich contrasts and at time tumultuous passion and confusion.

What drives the desire for spiritual experiences? What is the spiritual journey? And what do we mean by freedom?


The Yoga of Sailing

Leaping free from the world into spiritual experience.

fs-circle-500pxA romp with Alice, her daughter Emily and father Roger on an adventure through the Pacific. Sailing is the protagonist of the story – the sails, the sea, the winds, the islands and the sea-sickness.

While Emily is missing her boyfriend, Alice is falling in love with her mystical beloved – that is until she falls in love with a man. The confusions multiply. Alice spins fantasy and reality, the mystical and sexual into an all-consuming romance.

She journeys into nature, soaring to freedom, caught in a mystery she doesn’t understand. She knows that these wondrous mystical experiences don’t last, they don’t solve anything, but she’s stuck. Ordinary life seems mediocre and unfulfilling. She can’t let any of it go.

Alice embraces the sailing, exploring, cycling, backpacking – capturing the detail, the beauty, the poignant conflict – making new discoveries every day. She is searching but she doesn’t know what she is searching for, what is driving her, so she questions it all, frustrating everyone around her. She is careening full steam towards something, be it disaster or salvation.

Experience the delight of sailing offshore from New Zealand to Fiji with its dangerous and fragile coral reefs, and the crew tumbling from exuberance to disenchantment.

“Life presented itself in full, in the immediate physicality of sailing through the huge seas. We were tired and ill and needed to find an inner resolve for the night watches. We needed to banish any frailty.”

The Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy is packed full of sailing adventures and romance, never far from the search for meaning and love. Alice explores life in the Pacific islands – sailing, cycling and backpacking – to find her answers.

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