Book 2 – Buddha and a Boat

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Buddha and a Boat continues the spiritual autobiography of the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy by Dyana Wells.

Alice and her children look deeper into Buddhist teachings and practices, applying its wisdom to support their modern lives.

We meet Alice’s son Oliver and, later, Alice’s twin Marion and her family. Oliver’s mid-life crisis is contrasted with the content of his grandfather Roger’s journals.

Alice, Cornelius and Roger continue their sailing and, at times, lively disagreements, while Alice and Emily remember camping trips and share their experiences with Emily’s children.

Matters come to a head when Cornelius and Alice have a huge row, and Alice sets sail with Roger back to New Zealand.


Buddha and a Boat

Digging into the mystery when life gets sticky.

Alice, Roger and Cornelius set sail from Fiji for Vanuatu and New Caledonia and the adventure and excitement continue. They share watches through the day and night, cope with seasickness, struggle with headwinds, and Cornelius is almost immobilised with an unexplained pain in his leg.

When she goes cycling solo around Vanuatu, Alice explores teachings from earlier retreats and she reflects on her early life as she hitches alone around New Caledonia.

Experience the wonders of sailing around the islands of the Pacific Ocean with their dangerous and fragile coral reefs, and the crews working together and, at times, against each other.

Endlessly curious about life and the human journey, Alice throws herself with abandon into the natural world, rough and raw, creating heroic confusion while plunging deeply into the mystery of mind. What she discovers at the end is not what she expected.

The Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy is packed full of sailing adventures and romance, never far from the search for meaning and love. Alice explores life in the Pacific islands – sailing, cycling and backpacking – to find her answers.


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