Pirates and fashion are included in the Red Diamond novel“The original inspiration was one of the tales of the gothic pirates, and I wanted to suggest what might happen if modern-day pirates tried to explore our culture but with 2nd Century eyes.”

“So the artefacts you featured are the ones you thought would appeal to their ‘old’ minds?”

“Well, more to their old values. Although they were pirates and on the move, they still had to be pragmatists.”

“Okay, so you included a mobile phone rather than a tv or computer.”

“Yes, and refrigeration rather than guns.”

“But the clothes you draw and design seem ultra-modern, using the latest materials and cuts.”

“I think pirates are also romantics, so they would travel the world and observe clothing styles, always choosing the most appropriate of what they found to add to their own style.”

Aaron didn’t think there was any point pretending to continue with an interview. Yvonne had passed with flying colours by whatever standard he chose to use. He wanted and needed strong, fresh minds to keep his line alive and on people’s lips. The combination of goth and modern colour he’d seen in Yvonne’s work might just extend one or two of his ranges with very little strife. He was hooked.

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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