rabelais-panel-200pxGrant chuckled as he massaged his shin, Ella’s boot not doing too much damage as he was sure she’d pulled back from an all-out kick. He had to admit to a lot of surprises from Ella. She’d tracked him down – still wouldn’t tell how – and she looked great. Still so confident and self-assured, certain that her ‘reading’ of animal behaviours would give the answer to any human situation. But what Grant noticed most was the new ‘femininity’ Ella now had available. She could still be one of the boys and out-think or out-do most guys, yet the two times Grant had seen femme-Ella in action were revelations.

“They did ask me to join them for a drink,” said Ella, returning with a slight smile, “And they gave me a number if I wanted to hook up later.”

“Did you also suggest your charming companion could join the festivities?”

“They’re off guys at the moment. One had a bad experience in some dive club working as a ‘waitress’ and so they both quit. They sounded really interested in your web marketing though, and Teresa already has her own merch site.”

“Teresa? Already? Maybe just skip the drinks and head for the boudoir!”

‘Especially if Monique joined in too?”

“Teresa and Monique and Ella! The devil’s angels!”

“Well, Teresa’s surname is DeBono, so take that how you will”

“Stop! Fuck sake, Ella, you’ve only been here a few days and it feels like Rabelais will walk around the corner any minute.”

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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