Cancun-apartment-panel-200px“So when we edit and assemble …”

“Jeremy, you won’t be making those decisions. We will.”

“But I didn’t think you had editing capability.”

“What we have is very intelligent contestants and two are world-class designers. Plus Kat, Viktor and me. Your operators can twiddle their knobs and fondle their mice. We’ll tell them what the end result needs to be.”

Grant and The Onne had created the pitch videos for the contest themselves but used the name of a production company from London’s Soho in the credits. Although most of the filming and editing had taken place in Surrey at one of the Sparkle mansions, the final tweaks, conversions and duping were done in the Soho studio as part of their requirement to keep everything under wraps. When Ross, the sole technician from the private studio completed the job, Grant took him and every master and dupe out to dinner.

Ross never returned to Soho. After a two-month, all-expenses paid holiday that stretched from the Canadian Rockies, the Grand Canyon, a luxury apartment in Cancun and down to exotic Brazil, his knowledge of the project was no longer exclusive. Grant’s offer of a 6-month contract in Moscow during the recording and production of the show was also too good an offer to refuse. Ross became a loyal and trusted employee.

An excerpt from Brian’s Red Diamond, part of the Women out of Time trilogy.

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